Blackberry stops phone manufacturing

After 14 glorious years of manufacturing quality phones which heavily attracted the upper working class with its superior make and an impeccable security, Mobile phone giants Blackberry have announced that they will completely stop phone design and manufacturing.

The announcement came in the wake of Blackberry facing a jaw-dropping $372 million loss in the previous quarter. The Canadian company had made a gross income of $51 million last year and maybe they had seen this coming. Blackberry will shift its focus on developing software and will outsource the device designing and manufacturing to its partners.

Blackberry had revolutionized the mobile market with its “qwerty” keypad phones.


This feature was seen as a simple, yet a huge tweak in the way we interact with our devices. Well, it was really efficient compared to the standard numbered keypad. It had swooped the the mobile consumer base off its feet. It was just simpler as well as quicker.

Then there was the enhanced security. Blackberry had made the world’s most secure phones. With its home grown ‘cryptography’, Blackberry phones were an instant hit. Their security was so much appreciated than many government agencies had switched to Blackberry. In a world that was facing a new threat of hackers and cyber crimes, Blackberry had struck the right chords.

But, things started falling apart,  when just like Nokia, Blackberry too was immersed in it’s success to accept the change in trend that was taking place. With a steep rise in Android phones and apple levelling up it’s game to meet Android head on, Blackberry was one of many companies which were just left as spectators.

Blackberry tried to rectify some of its decisions by bringing out the “Secure Smartphones powered by Android” devices. But still it wasn’t enough to change the tides.


Well, it is survival of the adaptable. It’s been reestablished by stories of Nokia and Blackberry.

We will still see Blackberry devices around, but they won’t just be the same. What’s your view on this move of Blackberry’s? Do share.


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