Material Islands: Place graceful islands on your homescreen

Who doesn’t love beautiful wallpapers? We are in a constant search for that perfect wallpaper for our beloved Android devices. Then there are Live wallpapers. With upscale processors, huge RAMs and multi K batteries, Live wallpapers are the trend now. Live wallpapers, well, they just fit.


But not everybody is cool with these snappy manipulations of images. A lot of time, they make using Your phone a nuisance. They make it hard for you to distinguish the icons, or sometimes they are just too disturbing. Then there’s the issue of battery consumption. Live paper usage equals heavier battery consumption. There is just no exemption from this.

In my search for a good and battery efficient live wallpaper app, I hit the jackpot.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, Material Islands.

Material Islands is a minimalistic, lite app which brings a whole new  revamped concept of Live wallpapers. As the name suggests, the app contains around 7 simple, minimal yet absolutely gorgeous live wallpapers.

The wallpapers all, feature an island each. And the islands, i must say,  are just beautiful. I mean you could stare at them for hours and then more. These islands and their environments change the scheme according to the time of the day.

3Let me explain, morning you’ll see a bright colourful island with Sun rising over the horizon. The same wallpaper, in the evening transitions to a red big Sun setting gracefully with 2 palm trees. Didn’t I say it was all beautiful. And this is a smooth transition so whenever you look at your Android screen, You’ll surely take a moment and just gaze at it.

And since the transition is smooth and not rapid movement throughout the day, it is highly battery efficient. Honestly, there won’t be any noticeable battery drain at al.

And if you’re not into the whole live wallpaper thingy, the app has got a good selection of the same minimalistic island high definition wallpapers which are just as gorgeous.

Well, We’re totally digging it. Why shouldn’t we? It’s just so aesthetically pleasing and soothing. It’s totally our must-checkout app for the week.

Download Material Island apk file from Apk4fun or download it directly from the Play Store.

What is your view on this beautiful app, or got any other cool wallpaper apps? Do share with us.


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