Google’s new Allo is out and We’re loving it. See what this new messenger brings to the table.

Allo there, Google’s much anticipated Allo messenger app is finally out. Honestly, with greats like WhatsApp, Facebook’s Messenger, WeChat, Hike and many more already dominating the market, we were sceptical about Allo. I mean what could this new pigeon bring about that could convince users to move from the well established WhatsApp to Google’s new addition? The answer, as we found out, is simplicity and effective utilization of resources you get as a “Google app”.

What is Allo.

Allo is the new messenger app released by Google. It is not an SMS handler but an Internet relay messenger (Think WhatsApp). I know what You are saying. Hangouts is there. But I wonder for how long though. I cannot tell you what Google plans to do with Hangouts, But I can tell You Allo is here to stay. Whooping 4.9 rating on Play Store already.

Allo’s selling point

It is a simple messenger. That’s it! You might remember, a year ago when almost all the apps provided video calling, audio calling, stickers, free SMS, timeline, sale offers and whatnot. But there was one app which lacked all these features and just allowed us to text our friends for free. I AM talking about WhatsApp. Do I need say more?

Well, Allo is comfortably simple. It has got a very neat spanning, gorgeous layout, a clutter-free environment even for the most social butterflies.
It does not have features such as Video, audio calling which You were never gonna use anyway.
Hey did I tell You can text people who do not have Allo installed too? No, I’m not kidding. The texts You send to such phones will be displayed in the notifications and they can reply directly from there. Wow Google!


Google, well, kinda owns the best machine learning capable artificially intelligent machine on Earth. You knew that? Oh cool.

Back to the topic. When You receive a text on Allo, Google’s smart reply automatically types in a reply or more(if a choice is there) for you to reply with. Say what?
Let me elaborate. For every text, there will be a number of reply options. For example, When a friend asks You what you are doing, the obvious responses would be like “at work bro” or “nothing much my man”(Allo’s got more). So these obvious responses will be displayed just above the text input box. You can send that particular reply with just a tap. And this feature will keep evolving as more and more people start to use it and Smart reply will keep getting smarter, learning from users. So basically, Google has taken us from word prediction to a whole new level of communication prediction. Dope enough?


Allo is light, fast and intuitive. Who else got such a great prediction feature? It also features a Google assistant thread which is basically like texting Google. Questions answered over a text thread. It’s really cool.


We found Google Allo to be an awesome experience. A clean UI, faster and convenient messaging. Does what it promises without any clutter or unwanted stuff. It’s no wonder if You find Allo turning the tables in the messaging market soon.

What do You think about the new Allo? You think bigs like WhatsApp must watch out? Or is it just another beat in the song? Also do share.


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