How to easily install Debian Linux on your Android phones and tabs: No root required

The idea of running linux on phones has always ignited a curiosity in us. I know Android is linux too. But I am talking about full-fledged Linux. When Ubuntu announced Ubuntu for android and later came up with awesome Ubuntu phones, it kinda rekindled that desire.
But installing a new OS on our android phones is a complicated and a risky business. But did you know we can run a complete Desktop Linux distro on our android devices without rooting, unlocking the bootloader and all the technical stuff? Hell you don’t even need to reboot your phone.

Debian Noroot

Pelya has come up with a great app that puts the greatest Linux distro of all, Debian on Your phone. You need not have a rooted device nor need to root one. You need not have any technical knowledge regarding the android systems. Debian Noroot runs smoothly on android with minimal restrictions.

The basic principle behind this is, the developer has created a compatibility layer for android. Think Wine on Linux to run Windows applications.
You’ll still be running Your loved android OS and will be able to access all Your favorite apps the same way You did before. But You get a huge plus point with Debian Noroot. All the applications on Debian repository (and more) can easily run on Your phone as though Your phone was a desktop. Dope right?


How to install?

Go to Play Store on your phone. Search for “Debian Noroot”. Install. Done. Didn’t I say it was easy peasy?

Few points to remember though:

  • You need to have 900 MB free space in phone memory and this app cannot be moved to a memory card.
  • A mouse or a stylus is highly recommended.
  • If  you’re running on Android 6+ then need to install Gnuroot Debian instead on Debian Noroot.
  • If you’re on Android 4.4 or older, DO NOT UNINSTALL this app. As after removal, you cannot install this app ever again.
  • if you need some free space, clear data connected to this app.
  • To install a browser run
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install iceweasel

There you have it people. Now get that Debian on your phone.

Do give us your thoughts about this awesome app. Don’t forget to share.


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